On 10th Sept 2016, we held a community engagement day where we presented the scheme and asked local people for their design feedback. The afternoon was very successful, despite the bad weather, and we got lots of positive and constructive feedback from a good number of people, with the biggest concern being parking. People attending included existing Nore Down Way residents, other local residents, and potential occupants of the proposed new housing. 

On 19th Dec 2016, we presented the scheme to the South Downs National Park Design Review Panel (DRP). We had generally positive feedback from the DRP who believed that the development was acceptable on the site, although they suggested some alterations to the design, including aligning the housing more along the road to face the existing houses.


We've taken on board the feedback from the community and the DRP, and have developed the scheme further with the aim of addressing all of the issues raised. We are now preparing to submit the planning application for the final scheme to the South Downs National Park Authority. 

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