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New Learning Centre

In 2015, Janna worked on artist's impressions of an initial concept design for the transformation of the main building at The Sustainability Centre, in East Meon, into the New Learning Centre.  The main building is the hub and focal point of the Sustainability Centre, and currently houses the main reception in a public foyer, toilets, offices, cafe, conference room and indoor classroom space.  The building currently has no insulation, a leaking flat roof and has very porr energy efficiency, but the aim is to retrofit rather than replace the existing building.  The concept here is based on an organic structure encapsulating the old HMS Mercury building, with skeletal roundwood legs pinning down the great curved wildflower shell. 

Outdoor Education Classroom

This was one of the first projects Janna did as Building Naturally, back in Feb 2014.  The brief was to design a classroom with office space for a charity teaching outdoor skills to disabled or disadvantaged children and adults.  The classroom was to be in a forest and needed to have visual connection to its surroundings.  It needed to not block out the sunlight to the existing greenhouses to the north of it, and so the pitch of the roof would be kept very low.  Chalk is in abundance on the site so here it is rammed to form an exposed internal wall which backs the woodburner and holds the heat due to its high thermal mass.  Sunlight is captured all year round with the glazed roof spine and dispersed into the room. 

Agriculture College

Biddenfield College was a conceptual design project Janna did back in 2013 for her Part 2 in Architecture, based around the need for a re-education in farming and sustainable land management.  The conceptual college was to be situated near Southampton, and would provide a range of agricultural courses up to degree level.  The design works to integrate land, food, fuel and space, so linking the indoor and outdoor spaces was crucial.  The design was based around a series of courtyards and gardens, using the buildings to enclose and create spaces.  Cutting at an angle through the heart of the college is the 'Food Hall', which is a modern take on a grand medieval thatched hall, using a scisser-strut roundwood timber frame and strawbale walls. 

Sustainable Design Centre

Barn and Bread was a conceptual project by Janna whilst she was studying at the University for the Creative Arts.  The project was to convert an old Grade II Listed barn into a centre for sustainable design and living.  The barn was to be a home for the client, whilst providing spaces and facilities for small groups of visitors learning about sustainable design and living.  The proposed design was to create an organic form using glulam ribs which would flow through the space and enclose the private first floor rooms.  Based on the fibonacci spiral, the form would grow into the kitchen counter, herb beds, stairwells and classroom space. 

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