Collaboratively working with designers and freelancers to create the Grain Architecture Team.

Janna Laan Lomas

Founding Director & Designer

Janna founded Grain Architecture in 2015, after completing her Part II Prof Dip in Architecture at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT). She started Grain to to enable people to build with long-term environmental responsibility, and to focus on using natural materials, avoiding plastic and cement wherever possible. She also co-founded NBUK (Natural Building UK), and the Natural Materials group within ACAN (Architects Climate Action Network), with the aim to spread knowledge and resources to public & industry about the use of natural materials in construction. 


Janna is driven by the creativity of designing spaces and has been drawing houses since she was 6 years old. She's passionate about beautiful buildings and gardens, and excited by opportunities for making a positive impact on lives and landscape through architecture, land stewardship and rural community development. 

Andy Hales


Andy joined the team in 2019 and is working full time with us. Since Part I at Cambridge University, Andy has been working with small practices on a range of projects, including domestic renovations, extensions and new builds, ecclesiastical projects, and the renovation of a civic centre.


After Part II at CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology), Andy spent time working with a conservation architect and ran a straw bale self build. He worked on a number of freelance projects including a self-built, timber frame bungalow. He recently qualified as an Architect after completing his Part III with Bath University.

Andy aims to design honest, highly sustainable buildings that are user friendly, healthy and simple to construct. He enjoys making interesting spaces filled with natural light.

Jen Rawlings


Jen is the most recent member of the Grain team, joining in June 2021. She completed her Part I in Edinburgh and Part II at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) whilst working for a small practice specialising in energy efficiency and community projects. This led to a job on and off site with a contractor where she worked on a number of different projects including Passivhaus standard houses, retrofits and barn restorations.

After qualifying as an architect in 2012, Jen moved to Berlin for three years, where she worked as a ceramist, whilst also researching and visiting many of the numerous and diverse co-housing projects in the city.

Jen believes in the importance and power of community and feels passionately that we can change the world from the bottom up. She loves being outside, on her bike, playing with her daughter and growing vegetables, and spends a day a week volunteering at a community garden.

Olivia Harrison

Part II Architectural Assistant

Olivia joined our team in 2019 and worked part time for Grain Architecture whilst completing her Part II Masters in Sustainable Architecture at CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology).


She is a responsible and thoughtful designer and her recently completed Final Design Project tackled the twin issues of homelessness and refurbishment of existing buildings. She worked closely with a homeless charity throughout the process and defined a new way of practising, one that was more ethical, sustainable and developed a strong collaborative culture. She has since graduated with a distinction, has adopted a greyhound and is now working with Grain on a range of different projects.


Office Manager

Peggy is the 7 year old Tibetan Terrier who keeps us all in check. She tells us when it's time for lunch and when to stop work for the day. She also motivates us and de-stresses the office with her 'zen' vibe. She's a very clever dog with a Masters degree in Tricks and Office management, and is a real asset to the team. We're currently teaching her Vectorworks. 


We're not currently hiring, but we're always open to collaborating with other designers and architectural practices. Please get in touch via the contact form or email us if you are interested in discussing an opportunity.