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Grain Architecture offers architectural design and consultancy services on new-build, retrofit, and renovation projects. We can provide consultancy and CPDs to other designers and clients to help improve their knowledge and use of natural building materials.


We believe all projects should take a holistic approach to the environment, site, and building. We can use PHPP (the Passivhaus/Enerphit software) to accurately model whole building performance and assess options considering everything from solar gain, shading, internal heat gains, heating, ventilation, airtightness, insulation, and thermal bridging.

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The climate crisis means retrofitting existing buildings is more important than ever.
We can help manage sustainable retrofit projects by coordinating input from other consultants, assessing options, developing details and specifications, and can produce a retrofit plan for your building.


We believe new construction should minimise in-use energy and embodied carbon through intelligent design and efficient use of appropriate materials. Buildings should not just be low-impact, but should have a positive impact on the environment.

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Grain Architecture can provide consultancy services to other Architects & designers, clients, and builders to help make projects more sustainable through appropriate use of natural building materials and techniques. We can also provide CPDs in the form of talks and presentations.


On architectural design projects Grain Architecture services follow the RIBA stages of work.  We work on a variety of residential, community and public projects including renovations, extensions, garden projects, new build houses, offices, classrooms, housing developments and community master planning. Each project is unique, but we've set out the typical services we offer on design projects at each stage below:


0: Initial discussion & meeting  - We offer a free 1.5hr initial meeting, in-person or virtual (Travel time will be charged at our standard hourly rate), where we would usually talk about what you want and need from your project, any initial ideas, site restrictions and build costs.


1: Surveys & research  -  A full brief will take into account the client’s vision and aims, the space requirements, a schedule of accommodation, any restrictions or constraints, budget and environmental principles. The brief is written by the client, but Grain Architecture can help with the brief and advise on required survey information. We can also be employed to carry out a measured building survey or help arrange a measured survey to be done by others and we will advise on other surveys required

Time charge/hr

WLC Concept Sketch.png

2: Scheme Design  - We will produce initial concept sketches which we will review with you and we will develop sketch drawings, plans, elevations, sections and perspectives as appropriate which help visualise ideas and establish the design direction you would like your project to take. Through additional meetings and revisions we will resolve the design to 1:100 scale by the end of this stage. We can provide you with a basic design document suitable for pre-planning application advice (pre-app) if appropriate.

Time charge/hr (min £1,200)


3: Planning  - At this stage we develop the design, consult with relevant specialists, and put together drawings & documentation appropriate for a planning application. This may include arranging and coordinating additional surveys and reports.

Time charge/hr or % of estimated build cost

KPC Foundation Detail.jpg

4: Technical Design - We will produce a set of detailed construction drawings, and can prepare a Full Plans Building Regulations application as required. We will liaise with all necessary consultants and engineers and can assist with finding a suitable contractor through a tender process or help negotiate a price with a chosen contractor.

Time charge/hr or % of estimated build cost


5: Construction  - During construction we offer Contract Administration to help work proceed smoothly, we will make regular site inspections to review progress and ensure the works are in accordance with the building contract and the environmental principles. At completion we will inspect the building and issue a practical completion certificate.

Time charge/hr or % of estimated build cost

180818_KPC_Ext_Day_041_Low Res.jpg

6: Handover - On completion of the construction we will provide a defects (snagging) list, following this there will be an agreed period of 6/12 months by the end of which the contractor will need to fix any outstanding or new defects. When we have inspected the building to ensure this has been done, we will help agree the final account and issue the final certificate.
Time charge/hr or agreed fee


7: Post Occupancy  - We believe it's very important to stay in touch with clients, have meetings from time-to-time and keep track of how they feel about the building. This will ensure that we continue to create spaces that work and buildings that perform as efficiently as they should.


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