Grain Architecture Ltd is a small design practice specialising in the use of natural materials. We offer architectural design services for a variety of residential, community and public projects including renovations, extensions, garden projects, new builds, offices, classrooms, housing developments and master planning.  

By sourcing materials appropriately and specialising in using natural, local materials such as timber, earth, straw, stone, hemp, clay, lime, sheep wool and cellulose, we aim to support the local economy, community and biodiversity, while also reducing transportation impacts, energy consumption and locking up CO2 within the organic materials.

COVID-19:  Grain are continuing to work as usual through the current lockdown situation, using home offices and remote meetings via online platforms. We therefore hope that your project will not be affected. However, we ask that everyone be patient and kind during this time of difficulty, as health is the top priority. 


Grain Architecture, founded in Aug 2015 by Janna Laan Lomas, is a small architectural design practice with a focus on sustainable building using natural materials. Janna works collaboratively with other designers, companies and freelancers within the natural building industry.


Grain Architecture aims to produce creative, inspiring, high-quality spaces that are healthy, beautiful, functional, durable and energy efficient, with a positive effect on the environment.


Grain Architecture is a very environmentally conscious practice and all of our projects have a strong ethical aim to reduce local and global impact, lower COemissions and minimise energy consumption wherever possible. 

By using a 'low-tech' approach to building, we put materials and design first. The materials we use in construction must have a low embodied energy (i.e. use very little energy to make/process, such as natural materials) and must be as local as possible. The design must cleverly use the materials and site to optimise building performance and efficiency, whilst never compromising on comfort or aesthetic.


Transport is responsible for vast quantities of CO2 being released into the atmosphere contributing to climate change, and currently relies on non-renewable fossil fuels. It is one of our key principles to help re-localise communities by strengthening local economies, supporting local food and fuel production, and to encourage sustainable lifestyles through architecture for a post-peak-oil future. 

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