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Perspective Watercolour
Site Plan
Proposed Floor Plans
Live-work diagram
Site photostitch
Wider Context Plan
Working Timber Frame 3Ds


Planning has been granted for this part new build live-work unit for an artist in an orchard. The artist works with the trees and planted them himself to form the orchard. This meant the new building had to be carefully sited to minimise its impact on the site and rare trees.


The new building will sit adjacent to an existing studio. The new 2.5 storey building will have a structural oak frame. The building is split in two parts; the larger 2.5 storey section will have walls with hempcrete blocks externally rendered in lime and a thatch roof. The smaller part will only be 1.5 storeys to accommodate the sloping site; this part of the building will be lighter weight with a suspended timber floor and timber cladding on woodfibre insulation and will have a natural slate roof with a PV solar panel array.

The lower ground floor will be workspace, with a large double height area. The kitchen on the floor above looks out over this studio space and leads is separated from a sitting room with a sculptural inglenook fireplace. Bedrooms and a bathroom occupy the roof-space and are lit by rooflights and gable windows.

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