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Strawbale wall construction
Shadows on render
Exterior Dining
Exterior 1
Exterior 2
Construction 1
Construction 2
Interior 1
Interior Window
Interior 2
Exterior Window
Sketch perspective painting
Floor Plan
Site Plan
Plinth Detail
Construction photo
Construction photo
Window View
Drone shot
Interior view
Drone shot
Drone shot
Exterior window reflection
Roundwood framing
Exterior doors
roundwood 1
Exterior framing
Dining at night
Window view
Strawbale walls construction
Narrow window
Shadows and framing
Framing a view
Construction photo - roof structure
Interior view
Shadows from framing
Window View
View through door
Interior construction photo
Garage doors
Storage area
Shadows on render
Exteior dining area
Narrow Window
Existing Barn
Internal windows
Framing shadows


A pottery studio, jewellery workshop, glazed link, storage rooms, wood store, garden store, and kiln room, built in 2019 by Hartwyn in Suffolk. It's constructed of timber frame, with limecrete foundations, straw bales for insulation in the workshops, natural fibre insulations in the roof, and earth floors over recycled foamglas insulation. It's finished internally with clay plaster and externally with timber cladding, except for the glazed link (or cuisine d'ete) which has a roundwood frame, brick floor, polycarbonate roof, and 'mandarin' lime render on the couple of straw bale workshop walls, creating a gloriously Mediterranean-inspired outdoor dining space. 

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