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Sketch view from approach
Floor plan
Site birds-eye view
Extra Spaces
Shop and Cafe
Covered area
Sustainability 1
Sustainability 2


We're delighted to be working with Tuppenny Barn to design a new cafe and shop to help the charity open up more opportunities to support its local community sustainably. The project is currently at concept design stage, and a consultation has been undertaken to gather feedback from the community, including a model of the scheme which is on display when the shop is open at Tuppenny barn.


The new building will be constructed predominantly with natural low-carbon materials, with a timber structure local timber and insulated to a very high level with wood fibre insulation. These natural building materials can be safely reused or composted at the end of the building's life. A large green roof will provide space for wildlife and slow surface water run-off and will provide shade from summer sun.

The new building will enable Tuppenny Barn to:

  • Increase the school visits they can accommodate by up to 20%

  • Increase the number of vulnerable individuals who can benefit from their social and therapeutic horticulture groups

  • Create jobs for 3-4 new employees and 12 new volunteers

  • Offer work experience and accredited training for up to 40 vulnerable individuals with additional needs

  • Build resilience and help secure the future of Tuppenny Barn

  • Provide a richer and more diverse learning environment, including a covered outdoor classroom, which will benefit school children, NHS referrals for horticultural therapy, and adults with additional needs

Click here to learn more about Tuppenny Barn, the project and their fundraising appeal.

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